Verkada Security Camera Breach and More | SecurityMetrics News 7

Heff and Forrest analyze recent cybersecurity news, including the Verkada Security Camera Breach, WeLeakInfo Return, updates on the Microsoft Exchange Server, and an examination of hacker group FIN8.

Hosted by Matthew Heffelfinger (Director of SIEM Operations, GSTRT, CyRP (Pepperdine), GRCP, SSAP, ITIL4-F, GISF, PECB) and Forrest Barth (SOC Analyst, CISSP, CMNO, Security+).

Watch to learn more about:

  • 150,000 of Verkada’s AI-driven camera feeds exposed by hacktivists including private homes, prisons, hospitals, and businesses
  • Formerly shut-down WeLeakInfo website domain lapses and a new hacker takes over
  • Analysis of phishing training campaign tactics and revisions on guidance by NIST